Our Mission

Founded in 2019, we are ordinary motorcycle riders who are focused on making a difference in the safety and entertainment part of motorcycling. In recent years we realized the importance of having a camera being mounted on a rider's helmet. With RideTech Mounts not only are we able to achieve an accurate first person view, but also this now enables riders have an easy way to share your exciting footage with online viewers, friends and family. We have realized that its a good idea to have a camera mounted on your helmet all the time whether it be for entertainment or safety on the roadway. 

Unfortunately not every helmet is compatible with a universal action camera mount due to the complex shapes manufactures are implementing into their designs. Here at RideTech Moto our goal is to design motorcycle camera mounts which will match the complex shape of your helmet in order to achieve an excellent secure fit and accurate first person footage.

We are working really hard everyday to get our hands on as many helmets as possible in order to give everyone an opportunity to mount a camera on their helmet. Currently we are working on street bike helmets, hopefully in the future we will start working on dirt, adventure, cruiser helmets.