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The Advantages of a Peak Action Camera Mount on Dirt Bike Helmets

Advantages of a Peak Action Camera Mount on Dirt Bike Helmets

Riding a dirt bike is an exhilarating experience, and capturing that experience on camera is a must for any off-road enthusiast. One of the best ways to do this is by mounting a GoPro or other action camera on your dirt bike helmet. But with so many mounting options available, how do you choose the best one for you?

One popular option is a peak action camera mount, which attaches to the front of the helmet and keeps the chin section free. This is a great option for riders who like to stretch their goggles over the front of their helmet, as it allows for a clear view and full range of motion.

bell mx 9 peak mount

Why a Peak Action Camera Mount is a Great Option

A peak action camera mount provides a number of advantages over other mounting options. For one, it keeps the camera out of the rider's field of view, allowing for a clear view of the trail ahead. This is especially important when navigating tight turns or difficult terrain.

Additionally, a peak action camera mount is less likely to be affected by wind or vibration, as it is attached to the front of the helmet. This means that your footage will be smoother and more stable, with less shaking or blurring.

bell mx9 gopro custom peak mount

RideTechMoto Custom Camera Mounts for Dirt Bike Helmet Peaks

If you're looking for a peak action camera mount for your dirt bike helmet, look no further than RideTechMoto. They offer a wide range of custom camera mounts that are specifically designed for dirt bike helmet peaks. For brands like Fox, Bell, Fly Racing, Thor, Troy Lee Designs, and many more.

One of the great things about RideTechMoto is that they offer a variety of mount styles and sizes to fit different helmets and camera models. This means that you can find the perfect mount for your specific helmet and camera combination.