shoei hornet x2 adv gopro chin mount install

How to Mount GoPro on Shoei Hornet X2/ADV

Installing a RideTechMoto GoPro Chin Mount on Your Shoei Hornet X2/ADV

Are you looking to capture all of your motorcycle adventures with a GoPro camera? The RideTechMoto chin mount is the perfect solution for attaching your GoPro to your Shoei Hornet X2/ADV helmet. This custom mount is designed specifically for the Shoei Hornet X2/ADV and your GoPro camera.

shoei x hornet adv gopro chin mount

Compatible with Other Action Cameras

One of the best features of the RideTechMoto chin mount is its compatibility with all sorts of action cameras. It is specifically designed to fit with GoPro camera, but it can also be easily adjusted to fit other action cameras such as Insta 360, DJI Action and others.

Step by step guide

  1. First, clean the surface of the helmet with the provided alcohol pad

  2. Next, take the RideTechMoto chin mount and align it with the bottom of your helmet.

  3. Secure the mount to the helmet using the provided VHB 3M tape

  4. Finally, attach your GoPro camera to the chin mount and adjust the angle as desired.

shoei x hornet adv gopro chin mount

Other Custom Chin Mounts Available

RideTechMoto is a renowned brand of motorcycle accessories, we specialize in providing custom chin mounts for different helmet brands such as Shoei, Bell, HJC, LS2, and more. These chin mounts are compatible with other action cameras and are built with high-quality standards. RideTechMoto does not sell or offer helmets, we focus on providing accessories to enhance your motorcycle experience.

In conclusion, the RideTechMoto GoPro chin mount is a great way to enhance your motorcycle experience. It is easy to install and compatible with all sorts of action cameras, which allows you to capture all your adventures in high-quality videos. RideTechMoto also offers a variety of chin mount options for different helmet brands, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.