Partners FAQ

Each link click is tracked for 7 days, if your viewer doesn't make a purchase right away, but for example purchases an item 5 days later, you will still get the commission regardless if they use your link or a basic link the next time they make a purchase

If your coupon code is used for a purchase, but your custom link was not clicked you will still receive the commission as everything is interlinked

Yes, after your custom link is clicked the customer's checkout screen will be automatically updated with the coupon code

The commission rate for purchases is anywhere between 5% to 10% depending on your follower/subscriber rank and sale volume through the partner program. The commission rate is not static, and does go up for partners who are increasing their sale volumes throughout the year. For example a partner may start off the year with a 5% commission rate, but through excellent performance they can get bumped up to 10% in the following months

Your Ride Tech Moto account will be linked to your PayPal. All payments will be conducted through PayPal

All referral purchases get approved right away and show up in your partner account, if one of your viewers/followers decide to refund their purchase the commission will be removed from your account.